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Rentman updates are not deployed simultaneously for all accounts. It can take a few days before the updates are visible to you. Read more on how we update our software.


We're happy to release five often requested features with our newest update:

  • Copy & paste equipment(groups): You can now copy equipment within the same project or between different projects. This can be single items or whole equipment groups. To do this, select the items that you want to copy, click on the more actions button and then on Copy or use the shortcut Alt+C. To paste the equipment, either in the same project, another subproject or another project, click on the more actions button and then on Paste or use the shortcut Alt+V.
    Note: This doesn't work for temporary items!

  • Add email signatures: To personalize your outgoing emails, you can now add an email signature. To do this, go to Configuration > Communication > Messages > Email signature. There you can add one signature, that you personalize with your company logo and variables for contact details, that will change depending on who's the sender.

  • Add images in text editors: It is now possible to add images (next to text) in HTML-Editors. This means that you can add images when
    - emailing documents
    - editing the personal text on documents
    - editing the text module on templates

  • Add items to existing subhire jobs to solve shortages more easily: You can now solve shortages by adding equipment to existing subhire jobs. When you want to subhire shortages, you get suggestions for existing subhire jobs in overlapping time frames, so you can adjust the time frame and add the equipment that you need.

  • Archive equipment: Instead of deleting equipment you now archive it to keep all past projects and statistics intact. To archive equipment, click the more actions button and then Archive. From the Archive tab you can delete equipment permanently.
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