Version F74 / B81

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  • We’ve added the option to calculate the price of a kit within a project, based on the content items. This is helpful when you’re filling empty kits while planning a project or when you remove or add content items. Select the kit and click on the “more actions button” to calculate the price based on the content.
  • When clicking on the background of the equipment availability timeline, the view zoomed in on the day you clicked on. We eliminated this feature because it was more confusing than helpful.
  • When adding activities to your registered hours, you get to see function suggestions. We added the times to these suggestions to make it easier to find the right function when you have multiple functions with the same name. 
  • Next to your invitations in the My schedule module, the function details are displayed and not only the project name. 
  • When you open a project from the warehouse module and you close it afterwards, you would end up in the project overview instead of the warehouse module. We changed this, so now you are directed to the module that you opened the project from.
  • When you’re creating a payment reminder, the letterhead of the invoice is automatically taken over. So you no longer need to select the right letterhead manually. 
  • We changed the way of selecting your default Terms and Conditions. You can now choose default Terms and Conditions for every project type.



  • Recently we added the possibility to calculate the amount of kits, using decimal numbers. Afterwards a wrong amount was shown in the financial overview but we fixed this.
  • For a short period of time you weren’t able to use calculations (like 5 + 5 or 10 / 2) within the amount column of the equipment tab of projects. This is solved now.
  • You can now group your invoices on payment date in the invoice module.
  • When creating an invoice out of the "to be invoiced" tab, the correct template and letterhead for the project type were not taken over. This is fixed now.
  • When the correction amount in the time registration module is negative, it is now displayed in hours and minutes and no longer just in minutes.
  • The list of contact persons of clients and/or locations is now displayed in an alphabetical order.
  • Grouping on a numeric value in the overviews is now fixed.
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