Version F70 / B77

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  • We made it easier to scan multiple QR-codes in a row without having to wait for the result. This is especially helpful when you have a poor internet connection or when you are scanning large quantities at once, it makes the whole process smoother.
  • We added a button to the top of the warehouse module that allows you to quickly open the content of all kits at once.
  • You can now enter decimal amounts for kits when planning them, which means that you can also plan partial amounts of kits. This is handy for people with elaborate kits. Items in a kit will always be rounded up to whole numbers. For example: Item exists 3 times in a kit, the kit is planned half, so the item will be planned 2 times. You can also plan half a kit inside half a kit. Which results in a quarter of the original kit amounts.



  • When refreshing the page or switching tabs after generating a document, the template and letterhead were incorrect. We fixed this issue and a similar one in the template editor.
  • An error was fixed regarding subrenting shortages for kits and cases which resulted in nothing being selected for subhire.


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