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  • You can now log out by using the shortcut “Alt + Shift + L” twice in a row. 
  • When deleting an equipment item in a project, the containing equipment group is selected, so new added items will be added to this group instead of to the last group.
  • We added a remark field to time registrations.
  • Equipment groups are not visible when their content is hidden.
  • We improved the possibilities to style notes on documents.
  • The formatting of the Excel export is improved in displaying the different types of values. E.g. durations are shown in hours:minutes:seconds (00:00:00).
  • You now have more options to show optional equipment on your quotation. Optional equipment are items for which you have indicated that they’re optional in your "Option" column in the equipment tab. For example you can now choose to display the equipment in option separately on your quotation. Here you find out how this exactly works.
  • Invalid items can no longer be planned as content of a kit/case. E.g. you can’t add kits as content of cases. 
  • You can now display the percentage and/or the amount of the discount in the sum module in templates.



  • Hours, registered as compensation, are not accounting as normal worked hours anymore.
  • When the total of correction is a negative amount it is still shown in overview widget in the time registration. Before 0:00 was shown.
  • When your customer doesn’t have a default insurance percentage, the insurance percentage of your project template is taken over.
  • We fixed the issue that the crew member tab in project crew planner was empty after refreshing the page.
  • Unplanned functions were shown one day later in the crew planner than time frame selected. We fixed that and they’re shown on the actual day.
  • You’re now able to use variables or use any templates when communicating the planning.
  • We fixed an issue regarding changing dates by only using your keyboard.
  • An issue was fixed that appeared when editing project dates that functions were planned on. The functions lost their planning period and became unscheduled functions.
  • The total discount percentage can be displayed in the sum module again.
  • We now show the weight of each item in the content of a set on documents.
  • When changing a time in the time schedule of a project, you only get to see a pop up regarding changing times of functions when it’s relevant. 
  • The due date for invoices is now calculated properly depending on the payment condition for the invoice.
  • We have fixed the columns "own warehouse" and "total subhired" when combining equipment in templates.
  • An issue was fixed regarding the search function and filters in shortages.
  • The task module on templates is working again.
  • The equipment description is showing on packing slips again.
  • We fixed an issue regarding the update of invoice lines when generating slips.
  • Cases/kits/items can be styled on documents due to seperate CSS classes.
  • When the amount of a kit was set to 0, content of the kit was still shown on slips. Now the content is set to 0 along with the kit itself.
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