Version F60 / B64

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Rentman updates are not deployed simultaneously for all accounts. It can take a few days before the updates are visible to you. More on how we update our software.


In this version

  • We added icons to the invitations in the module My schedule. Just like in the crew planner, you are now able to see more information at one glimpse.
  • From now on you'll be notified when your websockets are blocked or not working. When you are working on the same project as one of your co-workers, blocked websockets can cause problems because Rentman won't be instantly synchronized. In case your websockets are blocked or not working, you'll notice a warning sign next to your name and you'll get a pop-up with a warning. Read more about blocked websockets in this support article.
  • Crew members now won't longer receive invitation emails if they already answered the invitation before the invitation email is sent. Rentman sends emails in intervals of 15 minutes. So in case the crew member already answered the invitation elsewhere before the invitation email is sent, the email won't be sent at all.
  • We made it possible to add a warning to a contact, for example for somebody who doesn't pay his bills. You can add the warning to the contact details and it will display as soon as you add this contact to a project as a customer.
  • In projects you are now able to see sent invoice reminders. You see them displayed under the invoice that it belongs to and you are also able to download it again from here.
  • When duplicating a subproject you have now two options to choose from Keep times or Add new starttime. This saves time when you're actually using multiple subprojects in the same period of time.
  • In the US and Canada the calendar week starts now with Sunday instead of Monday.



  • The past week our clients faced problems with the time schedule of projects and the error "Usage period has to be within planning period". We solved this problem.
  • Rental requests are shown in their own tab now to make it easy to switch back there.
  • All imported equipment will have a qr-code, even when there is none imported Rentman will add one.
  • The default settings are now taken over when you create a financial slip in the widget-bar.
  • The subhire type selection field is not missing anymore and you can select whether your subhire is delivered in warehouse, on location or if the equipment has to be collected.
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