Version F58 / B60

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In this version

We made an adjustment that lets you update the equipment information (name, price, factor, discount, and remarks) in a duplicated project.

How it works: In your duplicated project, select which items you want to update > click on the More actions button > select ‘Update with equipment list data’. This will update the equipment data from the duplicated project with your current database information. Temporary items will not be affected.

Drag-and-drop equipment

1521024515-Drag and drop equipment.gif

You can now drag multiple items between equipment groups. Simply select the items you want to move > move your cursor over the ☰ icon > drag the items to your preferred group. You can also use this to change the order of equipment groups.

Updates to the widget column in your equipment list and projects

  • You don’t have to open an equipment item to see it’s accessories. We added an overview to the widgets bar in your projects and equipment list. Under ‘Structure’, you now see what accessories a selected item has or to which item it belongs as an accessory.
  • In projects: The total weight of equipment group of the selected equipment item is now shown under ‘Structure’

 Other improvements

  • Your grouping selection in the warehouse module is now remembered when you return to the view.
  • In the subhire module, you can now edit the discount field when editing multiple items in one go.
  • Public appointments now have their own row in the availability timeline of the crew planner. They no longer appear in every crew members row.


  • Instead of the full day's range, events that take more than 24 hours now only take up a block on the top of your day/week view in the calendar.
  • When you add a note, the options to display it in ‘My Schedule’ and the place you add it are now selected by default. For example in the warehouse.
  • In the project financial tab: When you now enter an amount in the ‘Total inc. VAT’ field, the discount is automatically calculated correctly.
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