Version F55 / B57

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Rentman updates are not deployed simultaneously for all accounts. It can take a few days before the updates are visible to you. More on how we update our software.


In this version

  • You can now perform calculations in pricing fields. In every pricing field you can add, subtract, divide and multiply by using the designated symbols (+ - / *). 
  • The availability timeline in the equipment module now remembers the period you had selected previously.

Crew Planner

  • When selecting a crew member bar in the bottom timeline by clicking on it, the top timeline will automatically jump to the corresponding function bar. 
  • When a function contains a comment little speech bubble icon will now appear in the bar of a crew member on the availability timeline. If you hover over it, you can see what the comment is.


  • When your project contains equipment that you deleted from your database you now receive a warning message that you need to delete it from your project as well in order to save it. This is to prevent errors from occurring.
  • If you exclude an equipment group from the pricing calculation the containing item’s prices will now be displayed with strikethrough. 
  • The project number is now added to the export of invoices.


  • The subject line of a quotation email with digital signing feature now includes the name of the project. Consequently, these emails will no longer be grouped in your inbox.

Bug fixes

  • Reservations are editable again.
  • The sorting of the availability timeline in a project is back to normal.
  • The span of recurring appointments is no longer limited to a maximum of two years.
  • After saving a project without closing and hitting refreshed you now see the saved project with all the information as you entered it. This fix also applies to other items (equipment, subhires, time registrations etc.) in Rentman.
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