Version F54 / B56

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In this version

  • When you scan an item to return you can now add a note to it.
  • The sum of all equipment specifications in (sub)projects is now displayed in the widgets column under ‘Totals’.
  • Comment lines now also have check marks (in the equipment tab of a project).
  • When you hover over a project in the crew planner the location is now displayed in a tooltip.
  • In the crew planner, you can set planned crew back to the times of the function by using the right mouse click.
  • When a subproject is not included in the financial overview it’s not optional to show on the quotation and invoice. Subprojects that have the ‘In planning’ option unchecked will not appear in your packing slips and call sheets.

Template editor updates

  • It’s now possible to show remarks of equipment groups in the equipment group module on slips.
  • Margins in your templates are no longer limited to 200px.
  • The digitally signing button on the bottom of a quote is extended and the entire bar is now clickable.
  • Bullet points can now be used everywhere. This was already possible in templates and email texts and now also possible in fields like the notes fields.


  • Fixed: Select availability in availability timeline for vehicles crashing the crew planner.
  • In the Warehouse module, it could occur that more items were booked out than planned, resulting in negative equipment amounts. This is fixed.
  • Fixed: temporary items could not be added at random occasions.
  • Fixed multiple sorting issues with planned crew, functions and equipment groups.
  • Fixed: When planning a crew member in the planner in project the default rate is now selected.
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