Version F53 / B55

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Rentman updates are not deployed simultaneously for all accounts. It can take a few days before the updates are visible to you. More on how we update our software.


In this version

  • You can now add alternatives when editing equipment. When you are in a project and select an item alternatives are displayed in the widget column and can be added to a project.
  • When you register for a new free-trial the taxing and templates are now adjusted to your country. 
  • It is now possible to adjust the address format based on your country.
  • The speed of all actions in the crew planner has improved by 200 to 500%. 
  • Subprojects in the crew planner are opened by default so you can immediately see functions that require crew. 
  • Rentman remembers if you expanded or collapsed a project in the crew planner. 
  • Rentman does not collapse projects in the crew planner after you save or take any other action. 
  • Longer timeframes can be loaded in the crew planner without experiencing performance issues. 
  • Rentman remembers what crew you had selected when you switch away from the crew planner and back. 
  • The crew planner now has its own tab for better navigation. 
  • The availability timeline now displays the availability of selected crew members alphabetically. 
  • When a subproject is removed from the planning you will be prompted if you would like to remove the planned crew as well. 

Bug fixes

  • Some template modules got an error when you tried to edit them, that’s now fixed
  • An error that occurred when you split a project has been fixed. 
  • We fixed a bug with the deposit settings in quotes and invoices.
  • A bug that didn't allow you to filter projects with the status "Cancelled" has been fixed. 
  • Timing is now connected to the main project instead of subproject. 
  • When you had equipment and you wanted to calculate the volume it was not saved. This has been fixed.
  • The break was not included in the total price of functions in a project until you edited the function. This has been fixed. 
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