Version F41 / B44

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In this version

  • Digital payments for Euro currency are now possible. You can now add a digital payment button in your invoices. With the button customers can directly pay the invoice online using Credit Card, PayPal or other payment methods. 

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  • You can now add images to your quotes. In order to use this you need to add the dedicated column to your template in the template editor. For each equipment image (under files) you can specify if it should display in your quote.

You can also use the module images to add a gallery of images at the end of your quote.

  • We have added a measuring unit field for your equipment. You can now specify if the units should be measured per piece, case, etc..
  • You are now able to edit and delete a reservation with a right mouse click in the crew planner. 
  • Selecting a project in the project calendar view is now possible. 
  • We have added the option to indicate if a transport requires a single or return journey. This can be done with a checkbox in project function, the distance for a return journey will be doubled.
  • In the search bar you are now able to search on values in displayed columns. By default you can search on code, name, description, qr-codes and the columns you have added to the grid
  • You are now able to set a default payment condition from the configuration panel.
  • We fixed a bug with default text templates that were set public while they should have been set private
  • We fixed a bug in the order of days in the project calendar
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