Version F35 / B37

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Rentman updates are not deployed simultaneously for all accounts. It can take a few days before the updates are visible to you. Read more on how we update our software.


In this version

  • No loss of progress if an error occurs

We have reduced the likelihood of the infamous blue screen popping up and interfering with your progress. When an error occurs now, you do not get redirected to another screen, but will see the notification in the top right corner. Your unsaved data will not get lost.

  • Quickly plan serial numbers in equipment planning

A few months ago we added the option to plan specific serial numbers of your equipment. We made this option a bit faster. By double clicking on an equipment item (in your project) the window to plan serial numbers automatically opens.

  • Option to add a state to your contacts

A useful addition if you're from the USA, Canada or Australia: We have added a value in contacts where you can enter the state. Scroll down to find the state entry field when you're adding a new contact.

  • Email templates now linked to document type

Your email templates were not specific to any of your document types. When you create a new template now it will be specific to a document (invoice, quote, packing slip etc.).

If you are missing any templates at the moment, it could be that they are set to 'not publicly visible'. Ask the dedicated user to send the template so that you can add them to your library.

If you have a lot of templates to correct and need help: please contact our support.

  • Add a column for activities in time registration

A column with the specified activities can now be added in your time registration module. As with all columns, the values can be exported to a .csv file. 

  • Link to digitally sign a quote in email 

We have added a 'link to digitally sign' variable that can be placed in your email templates when sending out a quote. Clicking on this link brings your client immediately to the quote's signing page, where they can confirm the project.

  • Top border to indicate differing planning time 

We have added an indication in the crew planner that tells you when the planned period of a crew member differs from the function period. 

Other updates

  • We have added a default 'not canceled' filter when adding a new statistic that concerns projects or subhires.
  • We solved an issue with an incorrect quantity calculation in packing slips when you had two of the same items in an equipment group.
  • When duplicating a project, you can now set the time period of the duplicate before the original one.
  • When you marked a task as complete and used the button "finish and create new task", the change was not saved. That is fixed now.
  • When generating or emailing a document, it now also show you a time stamp in addition to the date.
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