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Multiple number series

You can now set up multiple number series for your financial documents. This makes it much easier to keep track of your documents for different brands under the same group or company. You could even use this to distinguish between sales and rental invoices for example. It is now also possible to use letters and symbols in your number series to make them more recognizable.

In Configuration > Settings > Number series, you will find 3 sections. In the Financial documents section, you can add the number series.

You can also automatically assign a number series to each project type. In Configuration > Settings > Project types, create or edit a project type and select the default number series for each document.


Set the amount of decimals and hide items with no value

Do you want to make your documents look clearer? You have some extra options now:

  • Set the default amount of decimals shown in a column.
  • Hide an item when its value is zero.

When customizing your document templates, edit the settings of a column. For each column, you can let Rentman choose the amount of decimals or always show up to 4 decimals. This is especially useful for equipment with small sizes or price.

In the same screen, choose if you want to hide a number when its value is zero.

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