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Verify your domain and prevent your emails from being marked as spam

How frustrating is it to put so much effort into optimizing your customer contact only for your emails to end up in your customer’s spam inbox? Whether your email is caught in a spam filter could be influenced by many factors — one being unverified email domains.

Verifying your email domain is now possible from within Rentman. Using a verified domain significantly decreases the chance that emails you send from Rentman are marked as spam in your customer’s or supplier’s inbox. Sending emails from a verified domain will look like info@[companyname].com or [crewmember]@[companyname].com instead of our default email address: [companyname]@rentmanclient.com.

In the configuration module, go to Communication. There you find a new field to insert a domain name. Here you can also find the instructions to verify your domain. If you verify your domain by yourself, this is completely free. We can help you with this, but be aware that there are costs associated with our technical support. You can read more about the pricing of our technical support in our Support Center.


What we already do to avoid emails from ending up in a spam filter

  • We work with a specialized company that has years of experience with email servers and spam. Emails sent from Rentman generally have a good score and are usually not blocked by spam filters.
  • When a server sends many emails at the same time, they are classified as spam more quickly. We add a short interval between sent emails to avoid spam issues.
  • We have our own IP address to avoid servers from being blacklisted. Once you are on a blacklist, chances are higher that your emails are caught in a spam filter which is something you want to avoid.
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