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Set up your own ledger accounts

Exporting invoices or connecting Rentman to your accounting software saves you time and manual work. Your invoices are divided into ledger accounts to categorize the source of income. Until now Rentman had only fixed ledger accounts. Now you can create a better overview of your finances by adding different ledger accounts to categorize your sources of income. 

Possible use:

  • You want to know if you make more money on your light or sound equipment.
  • Differentiate between different categories of rental equipment like AV equipment and catering equipment.
  • Your company consists of multiple parts, one part works with Rentman, another one does not work with Rentman. You want to combine both parts in your accounting software. This way you can see how much of your business comes from part x.
  • Divide the income of rental equipment between customers from your own country and foreign customers.

To learn more about how to set the ledger accounts up and assign them to equipment, crew & transport functions and additional costs, check out our support center article.


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