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Connect Rentman with other services – Introducing our API

We know that many of our users are constantly looking for ways to work more efficiently. There is software to help with every part of your business, from managing your inventory and customer relations to human resources and accounting. Copying data between these different software tools can be repetitive, tedious and downright annoying.

Today, we're happy to announce our API – allowing you to work smarter by connecting Rentman with other software tools.


What is an API?

An API allows you to move data between different platforms. For Rentman, that means you’re able to transfer data from your projects, invoices, contacts into another software system. 

For a more technical understanding: Others have done a great job explaining what an API is and how it works


What’s in it for you?

Being able to connect Rentman to other services opens up a lot of new possibilities. Maybe you always wanted to export your invoices to your accounting software (without having to copy-paste of course). That, and many other things, can now be done. 

To give you some idea of possible API implementations, you can now:

  • Automatically store your generated files safely in the cloud, or on your desktop to access them offline.
  • Add (or update) a contact in Rentman every time you create a new one in your CRM system – or the other way around.
  • Send out a feedback form to your client once a project is completed. 

This is just the tip of the iceberg. Not sure on what to use it for? We’ve put together some more possible API use cases to give you a better understanding of the options. 


Why we built this

Since every Rentman customer has their own unique way of working – and  different toolsets to support their activities – the API was one of our most requested features on the public roadmap

Unfortunately we cannot support each company’s unique workflow within Rentman. If we would, our software would become a complex maze where nobody is able to do their work efficiently.  We built this API so that our users can optimize their unique ways of working and we can focus on keeping our software simple and understandable for everyone.


What data can you access?

Our API allows you to transfer data from different parts of Rentman to another application. In our API documentation you can find a complete overview of what data resources are accessible.

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