Create packing slip of items that still need to be packed

You are now able to create packing slips based on the equipment that still needs to be packed. This means that part of the equipment that has already been packed or booked to location is not shown on the slip anymore.

With this functionality you will have a better overview of what you still need to collect.

When can you use this new functionality?

  • Moving equipment from one job to another
    Say you have an event coming up and part of your equipment is still at another job. You pack all the items planned that are currently in your warehouse. This is when you use newly added functionality: you create a packing slip of the items that still need to be packed.These will be all the items that are still at the other job but that need to go to the upcoming event as well. You give this list to your crew at the job, so they can pack and bring the required items immediately from the current job to the next event.

  • Two load-ins
    In case you have a job where your load-in spans multiple days, you load all equipment for the first load-in in the trailer and start building on location. To pack for the second day, you create a packing slip for the items that still need to be packed and you know exactly what's left to pack.

When you or one of your colleagues have started packing or booking equipment, this functionality helps you keep an overview of what still needs to be done.

Read here how to set this up.

This feature is included in version F76 / B83 of Rentman.

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