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Renegade Events

How Renegade Events reached operational excellence using Rentman

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“With Rentman we are saving probably around 30 to 40% of our time that we can now invest into value-added areas that help us deliver higher quality events."

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About Renegade

Renegade Events, based in Phoenix (AZ), describe their business as one that will do “anything that clients want to do if it’s related to events”. That includes all things from event production and design to labour and equipment management. They work on projects for a wide variety of clients ranging from festivals and fundraisers to corporate events.

Andrew, one of the co-owners of Renegade Events, shared with us some insights, common challenges, and how they successfully tackle them day after day.



Renegade’s mission has always been to deliver operational excellence – whatever the event. Their delivery needs to be brandable and it needs to support the brand of the end client. However, in their opinion, it is hard for production companies to meet the demand, to be consistent, and keep a certain level of professionalism that reflects the client’s brand.

“Before we fully systemized ourselves, we would basically just throw all our cables into a case and hope for the best,'' Andrew recalls. “We tried other software, but none were really doing it for us. Some were great with the equipment but weren’t conducive in creating flexible appearances on the quotes. Those documents looked awful and I didn’t want that look to represent us. We also had services that would handle labour really well but the equipment was not nearly as convenient. We felt a lot of pains in how they all worked, nothing seemed to be a one-shot solution."

As a result, for about a year and a half, Renegade went completely off any subscription software solutions and back to basics. They built an Excel sheet listing everything that had to be executed and they handled scheduling and communicating with Google Drive and Calendar. Excel worked, allegedly, but was extremely manual, to say the least.

Perfomance on the stage at a festival



Renegade wasn’t actively looking for a new solution when Rentman showed up, recommended by a peer on social media. Their first impression? “They seem to understand the production industry and what we are trying to accomplish. As soon as we started clicking through the menus we realized this does exactly what we want. We started looking at the volume and weight calculation and thought: this does even more than we want.”

What was the selling point for Renegade? Well, we asked them. According to Andrew, Rentman’s multi-layered solution gives Renegade the opportunity to grow as a company and not have to change systems after outgrowing the capabilities. “Looking at the features board and seeing how quickly the product team develops them is very important for us, it means continuous improvements.”


Renegade, moving from a complex Excel set up, found the implementation to be pretty seamless and did most of it in one night. “The implementation made us rethink our operations such as how we charged customers because it gave us abilities we never had previously.”


Up to 40% time saved

“We are saving 30% to 40% of our time if not more. We can now invest those hours into value-added areas. So Rentman brought us confidence, but also gave us the room to deliver higher quality events.”


Better cost management

Renegade can now measure costs more efficiently which added value on the client-side, providing more precise estimations of costs. By tracking their equipment, the company was able to recover costs where they previously wrote off losses.


Confidence and quality

By systematizing their operations, Renegade went from grabbing cables and hoping for the best to having confidence in delivering quality events, efficiently and consistently.


The bottom line

Rentman really changed Renegade’s workflow for the better by cutting down a lot of time in their pre-production process. Renegade saved not only time, but also costs, and the ability to get closer to the operational excellence they aim for.

Check out Renegade’s work and get in touch with us to find out how Rentman can help you bring quality and peace of mind to your business.

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