Plan equipment with more visibility

With Rentman, you can visually track equipment stock levels and location at any point in time – enabling you to plan with a complete overview and be flexible when changes happen.

Plan more efficiently

Rentman automatically calculates your costs, revenue, and margins when planning equipment.

Create packages

Use various group options to make sure your equipment always goes out completely.

Anticipate on shortages

Always know what's available to plan with automatic stock tracking.


Equipment planning that's quick and easy

With your equipment data in Rentman, planning equipment is done in a few clicks. Visual cues warn you about overbookings and you can see a complete view of your planned equipment over time and projects in the visual timeline.

  • Automatic calculation of costs and revenue when planning equipment
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Ensure equipment goes out complete

Never forget a cable again! By adding items as accessories, you know your equipment always goes out whole. Rentman allows you to flexibly plan equipment by grouping items together into different types of sets.

With Rentman we have a better grip on our inventory. We know what’s available, broken, lost, and in need of service.

Christoffer Gustafsson CEO, One Audio AB


Manage repairs, losses, and inspections

Register repairs on serial number level and charge the damage as a surcharge if needed. Schedule inspections to make sure planned equipment is always in perfect condition.

Explore Repairs & Inspections

Optimize equipment utilization 

  • Build up item history

    Rentman automatically keeps track of your booked equipment, so you know what’s been booked, repaired or subrented most.

  • Connect equipment data

    Use your planning history to base your next purchase decision on your data and know what to purchase or sell first.

Equipment scheduling features

Manage subrentals
Solve shortages for single or multiple projects with a complete view of shortages over time. Create subrental requests and send them directly to other users.
Add alternatives
Missing an item on the shelf? You can directly add an alternative by scanning or selecting it from the database.
Manage sales stock
Never run out of stock for your consumables. Visually keep track of critical stock levels to accurately forecast your next batch purchase.
Plan serial numbers
Keep track of individual serial numbers so you know what has been rented out most or needed most repairs.
QR Codes & Barcodes
Create or connect QR codes and barcodes to keep track of where each item has been. Easily manage maintenance and damage from projects.
Equipment dimensions
Know exactly what type of transport you need to plan for a project by automatic calculation of total equipment dimensions.

Start planning equipment with more visibility