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Work faster - plan equipment with your keyboard

Pay close attention because this new improvement can considerably increase how fast you work. Planning equipment on projects can now be done without ever touching your mouse. You can type equipment names or codes, press enter, and immediately plan the item. Navigating through the search options can be done with your arrow keys. Want to plan items quickly back to back? A simple press of the ‘escape’ button selects the search field again so you can plan more equipment.

Since planning equipment is now entirely within hand’s reach, removing the need to reposition your hands, you will save a couple of seconds per item you plan. Imagine how much time you will save on projects or subprojects with lots of equipment! Once you get the hang of it, you can more easily remember more names and codes in your database making equipment planning an uninterrupted process.


Add equipment using a scanner

You can attach a scanner to your computer to push the limits of this improvement. Scan the QR code or barcode of equipment and plan it on your project. This does require an ‘enter’ on your computer or in the scanner to confirm the equipment entry.

Try it out and experience how quickly you can complete your equipment list.

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