Version F76 / B83

Your current version is listed in the fold-out menu under your account name.

Rentman updates are not deployed simultaneously for all accounts. It can take a few days before the updates are visible to you. Read more on how we update our software.



  • When a pop-up opens, the cursor is always in the first field, so you can start typing right away.
  • You’re able to add remarks when adding correction hours in the time registration.
  • We added the option to create a packing slip with the items that still have to be packed. This will exclude the part that already has a part that already been packed or on location. 
  • On financial documents you can hide crew and transport functions when they don’t have a price.
  • The suppliers in the subhire module on documents are now sorted alphabetically. 
  • When adding an empty comment line it is shown on documents. 



  • When renting a kit in a Woocommerce shop, the stock of your inventory is checked again.
  • We fixed an issue regarding the shortages tab of the subhire module.
  • If you don’t have the certain rights, you can’t create quotations and contracts anymore.


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