Version F117 / B127

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Rentman updates are not deployed simultaneously for all accounts. It can take a few days before the updates are visible to you. Read more on how we update our software.


Better insights into costs and revenues

We updated the Financial overview of your projects. Now it's easier to keep track of your costs, margins, and profits for each job. 

Tab Financial in a project in Rentman

Update the content of a kit

If you edit the content of a kit in your database, this is not automatically updated in the previous or current projects. We now added the option to update the content of a kit from inside a project and sync it with how it's saved in your database. 

This option is especially useful in the following two situations:

  • You're duplicating a project from the past that contains a certain kit. Since you created the old project, you've changed the kit (e.g. you added a cable to it). You can now choose to update the kit, this way your project stays the same and the kit is synced with how it's currently saved in your database.
  • You've planned a tour with certain tour kits. Every show has it's own subproject in Rentman. After the first few shows you notice that it would be better to change your kit for the following shows (e.g. because you forgot to add an item). Once you've changed the kit in your database, you can update the kits of the upcoming shows to how they are saved in your database. Hence you don't need to change every kit manually.

To update your kit, select the equipment you want to update, click on the more actions button and choose Update equipment data. In the pop-up, tick the checkbox asking if you want to update the content of the selected kits to the content of the respective kit in your database.


Increased speed in saving kits

Some users experienced long saving times when editing very large kits or cases. We made some adjustments in the saving process, so now it won't take more than a couple of seconds. 


Download multiple invoices

It's now possible to download multiple invoices in one go. Select the invoices you want to download, click on the 'More actions' button and choose "Download file(s)".


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