Update kits from your project

Update the content of a kit

We made it possible to update the content of a kit from within a project! With this highly requested feature, you can now choose to update planned kits in your projects to how they are currently saved in your database.

This is especially useful in the following situations:

Duplicating projects

You’ve got the same job again that you realized last year, so you’re duplicating last year’s project. You make the necessary adjustments but you want to make sure that all the kits (and equipment in general) are in the way that they’re currently saved in your database. Instead of manually checking, you can use the More Actions button and sync it with how it's saved in your database.

This way you make sure your prices and contents are always up to date.


Another situation where this new feature is useful are tours. You have planned a tour with multiple shows and in Rentman you’ve created a subproject for every show/location. When planning the tour, you’ve created tour kits. Halfway through the tour you realize that it would be better to change your kits for the shows to come (e.g. because you forgot to add a certain item to your kit).

Once you have changed the kits in your database, you can update the equipment of the upcoming shows to how it is saved in your database. So you don't need to change every kit manually and still you know for sure that the right equipment will be selected and that the prices are correct.


This feature is included in version F117 / B127 of Rentman.

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