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We know that you want to spend as little time as possible on chasing outstanding payments, so we looked for a way to make this as simple as can be. With online payments, getting paid by your customers is now way easier for everyone.

With our Mollie integration, users in Euro countries were already able to process online payments. We’ve now built an integration with online payment provider Stripe to support online payments in more countries and currencies.

By connecting Rentman with Stripe, you can add an online payment option to your invoices in Rentman and let customers pay with the click of a button. Stripe provides an easy checkout process for your customers and supports all common payment methods.

You can let your clients pay the invoices online without gathering any details. When an online payment comes through, you will immediately see this update in your invoice overview.


Getting started

To add online payments you need to set up your Stripe account. See if your country is part of their supported countries.

Want to set it up for your account? See our instructions on how to add a payment button to your invoices and connecting your Stripe account to Rentman.

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