The calendar view of the Rentman app

Improvements to the Rentman App

Calendar view in My schedule

With our new calendar view, it’s much easier to keep track of your schedule. Just select any date to see your appointments on that day.


Set availability in the app

You can now enter your availability in the app. Click on the plus icon in your calendar and select “Add availability”. You can set a time period and add extra times. If you have multiple accounts on your phone you can choose to which accounts the availability should apply.


Access your notifications on the go

You can now access your notifications from the app. Click on the icon on top of the app menu to see all your notifications.


Create packing slips from every location

From the Warehouse module, you can now generate a packing slip. Select from your templates and letterhead, and add personal text.

When doing this you will have two options:

  • Show document: Rentman creates a PDF document, links it to the project and opens it in your browser.
  • Sign directly: Rentman creates a PDF and redirects you to the digital signing page – the same page you use in the browser.


Sort your gear in the warehouse module

You can now sort your equipment by equipment group or warehouse location.


View linked tasks for projects, equipment, and contacts

Within a project, equipment item, or contact, you can now view the tasks that are assigned to it.

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