Improvements to the crew planner have arrived

We have spent the last weeks, optimizing Rentman’s extended crew planner module. By rewriting a large part of the existing code we were able to improve the speed of the planner by up to 500% and also implemented a lot of other related wishes.

Speed updates
We have increased the speed of most crew scheduling features between 200 and 500%. For you this means that the interface has a much shorter reaction time and you can load longer timeframes in the planner without having to put up with a slower loading times.

Subprojects are always unfolded
If you have projects that contain sub-projects these will now be unfolded automatically whenever you open your crew planner. For you this means that you won’t miss any project functions on which you haven’t planned any crew yet. 

Rentman remembers your selections
Rentman now remembers for each project if it was opened or closed and the exact selections you had made before switching to another tab or taking any other action like saving.

No more random sorting of crew when checking availability
Before the update, Rentman did not sort your crew in the availability timeline in alphabetical order. As this broke with the general way how things are sorted in Rentman we have adjusted this and the availability timeline now sorts the selected crew members properly.

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