Column sets

Column sets - a new way to organize information

As you plan a project, certain information will become more or less important depending on which part of the planning process you are in. During the invoicing process financial information of equipment needs more attention than the equipment’s properties such as size and weight. These new column sets allow you to divide your information into categories so they are there the moment you need them.

Where personal column sets are attached to your account, public column sets allow you to create pre-filled views for every single one of your crew members. We have added a new permission to create public column sets, which you can find in the user roles in the configuration module.

Besides the selected columns and their order, column sets also remember the sorting of your columns. This means you can also create views for the prices from low to high, names in alphabetical order, or which project starts first.


More examples to organize your column sets

Crew functions - Create one view for hourly rates, function durations, and external names then another for crew rates, actual costs, and registered hours to keep things separate.

Planning equipment - Separate information that is relevant for your equipment planning, such as the rental price, the subrental price, and factors from information irrelevant to your planning like ledgers, delayed equipment notifications, and the amount of subrented equipment.

Your screen size - Bigger screens allow you to widen your columns more compared to smaller laptop screens. When working remotely on different screens, separating these views will help you a lot.

We’re sure you can come up with more brilliant column sets. Share your use cases in our community!

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