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Automatically send signed documents to signee

Did your client just sign a quote? You can now automatically send him a confirmation email with the signed document attached. This way your customer knows where they are at and you have less manual work to do. 

This is not only useful when signing quotes but also when delivering gear to a customer or a colleague. You can use the Rentman app to let the receiving party sign the document and automatically send the confirmation rather than having to download before manually sending an email with the document attached.

Because we think people should be able to choose the way they like to communicate, we set this up so you can tailor the email to your wishes and needs. So for each document template, feel free to change the content of the email the signee will receive. Make clients feel like it comes from you, not from us.

Read our support center article to learn how to set this up.

This feature is included in version 193 of Rentman.

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