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With the Calendar integration, have all your projects and appointments at your fingertips, anytime, on all devices!


Rentman & your calendar

By connecting your Rentman account to your calendar, you're able to keep track of your personal and professional schedule, all in one place.

Keep track

Keep track of your personal planning and appointments in your own calendar.


Sync your projects, appointments, functions, planning, reservations and tasks across the board.


Synchronize your filters to see only the entries that are relevant to you.
Apple Calendar Screenshot

Which calendars do we support?

You can use programs or apps that support CalDav. These allow two-way synchronization: when something is added to the My Schedule module in Rentman, it will show in the calendar app of your Android or Apple device, and the other way around.

We also support Google Calendar, Outlook and some other applications, but these calendars only support one-way synchronization to your device. So what you add in My schedule will appear in these applications, but not the other way around. 

Set up the integration

To use the integration, you have to set it up. This article guides you through the process, and if needs be, our support team is equipped to assist you.

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