Technical Consultation

We offer consultations with our tech support team on various subjects to assist you in optimizing your use of Rentman.

The following consultations assume a certain knowledge base of technical subjects like webdevelopment, api development etc.

Technical assistance

Custom document templates

If you have anyone in-house that's helping you create more advanced document templates by implementing HTML, CSS and PHP in them our technical support specialists can advise them in how these codebases work in our document template editor.

API consultations

If you're working on a custom integration with an in-house (or externally hired) developer our technical support specialist can assist them with questions that they may have about our API documentation. We will NOT assist in the actual programming/building of integrations but will happily advise via Zoom meeting.

Database import assistance

If you are encountering issues with your import file and would like our help in debugging it, this is the service for you!