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Create your own customized dashboards

Start your day looking at your customized dashboard and see what tasks are awaiting you. Check-in on the financials of this month, see what invoices are still open, or what invitations there are for crew functions. You can organize your dashboard however you want. Let us introduce you to the many widgets you can add to your dashboard.


Today’s schedule

Todays schedule

It is never nice to forget an appointment⁠ — so what is on your schedule for today? Check your schedule for the current day and quickly see how busy you are going to be tomorrow so you can prepare. With this new widget, you will always know when and where you need to be.


Your to-do list

Your to do list

You probably have multiple tasks to do in a week. Keeping track of which one needs to be finished first is an important task on its own. That is why we created a quick list of tasks that are either upcoming or already overdue so you can prioritize and take care of everything that needs to be done. We don’t want you to miss anything which is why we mark all tasks that expire in the next 24 hours in red. This way, you will not forget about them. 

To get the most out of this to-do list, make sure to create tasks and assign them to yourself too. The checkbox next to each task crosses the task off your list, both in this dashboard widget and in the Tasks module.


This month’s revenue

This month's revenue

Knowing what you can expect this month is crucial for further planning and sales. That is why you can now find a chart that quickly updates you on what you can expect this month. For example, if you have many pending projects you might want to chase up your quotes for confirmations.

We have also made sure the right information is accessible to the right people. The widgets in the dashboard are connected to the settings in the user roles. This means that only users who have access to projects are allowed to see this information.


Invitations — When are you available?

Adding the "Invitations" widget to the dashboard

We want you to be aware of everything that is going on, especially when you receive new invitations for a crew function. Crew invitations now also show up in their own dashboard widget, as well as, in the My Schedule module, via email and the Rentman mobile app. You can quickly communicate if you’re available or go to your schedule directly from within this widget to have a closer look at how busy you are in that period. 


Register your worked hours

Time registration

You can now find a list of the activities you still have to register time for. Now that you can accept crew functions from within the dashboard, you can now quickly register those hours once the job is done from within the dashboard as well. You can also go directly to the time registration module if you would like to add a note or need to make some adjustments.


Compare your revenue per month

Revenue per Month

For our long time users, this might be an exciting day. We are bringing back the revenue overview that used to be in Rentman many moons ago — with even more accuracy. Based on the data from the statistics module, you can find a visualized overview of the revenue from past,current, and upcoming months. Decide for yourself how many months you want to see in this overview. 

But what if my project spans over different months? — Just like in the statistics module, we split up a project into days. We then calculate how many days are in one month and how many are in the other month so the revenue is divided correctly. 


Open invoices

Open invoices

How many times have you quickly made calculations in your head about how much still has to come in from the open invoices? Well, now you can see it directly! This view shows you what you can still expect from open invoices, how much you still need to invoice, and the amount coming from overdue invoices.


What widget would you like to see in the dashboard?

You can find these widgets in the customizable dashboard in the improved interface. We are constantly looking into what widgets to add next. Let us know which one you would like by commenting on the card on our public roadmap.

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