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Create projects in Rentman with the API

On the go or busy with other tools — your Rentman workspace stays accessible for you. We extended our API, allowing you to send project requests to Rentman from any source. Integrate your tools to send project details to your Rentman workspace and transform these into projects.

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How do project requests work?

When sending project information to Rentman, it shows up as a request. You might have seen these requests already when receiving digital subrental requests. Accepting requests turns your project information into a project. The great thing about project requests is that they come in a separate list for you to review before they end up in your list of projects.

Transforming raw data into projects requires your review. That’s why they come as project requests so you can match the request’s details with your database.


How to get the most out of project requests

  • Mark a deal as ‘done’ in your sales or CRM software and send the deal over to your Rentman workspace to continue the planning there.
  • Build your own webshop plugin without the need for WooCommerce so orders from your webshop can be transformed into projects in Rentman.
  • Connect the contact form on your website to Rentman and turn the entered data into a project.


Integrate more, struggle less

Our API allows you to transfer data from different parts of Rentman to another application and vice versa. In our API documentation, you can find a complete overview of what data resources are accessible.

The possibility to create projects from the Rentman Mobile App is often requested and remains on our roadmap. We found that many users do parts of the sales process with various tools. With our API, we can include all these workflows by allowing every user to integrate their tools with Rentman. Once it is possible to create projects with our App, we will let you know with our Product Updates.

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