One platform to manage your event rentals and productions

The Rentman platform brings your team together to make sure the right information gets to the right persons. Let your team collaborate on projects and manage tasks — right from the cloud.

Bring your team and resources together

Manage user roles and permissions

Give controlled access to users. Assign roles and make sure people can only see and do what they need to.

Keep your team on track

Use tasks, notes, and files to keep your team informed. You can add deadlines to tasks and assign them to any team member.

Tie it all together

Bring your resources, project files, business documents, emailing and more into Rentman.


Receive notifications for important events

All users can manage and receive notifications informing them about important events or deadlines. This way you are always informed on job invitations, quotes being confirmed, new tasks, and any other updates important for your work.


Manage documents and files

Keep files where you need them and control permissions to make sure the right people have access.

  • Drag-and-drop files
  • Generate and save quotes, contracts, packing lists and more
  • Access files and documents from your mobile device
Project management

Everybody has access to the right information at any moment. With all the information in one place, we have better control and can work much more efficient.

Addie van den Berg Owner, Ocean Entertainment


Keep your contact data in one place

Personalize your customer contact by saving custom settings for your clients and contact persons. Store notes, files, and assign tasks for each contact. Use custom fields to customize your data so you can use it in the way you want..


Know how your business is performing

By managing everything in one place, you can make your data more impactful and create truly valuable reports.

  • Create custom reports

    Connect data from every asset of your company and get performance insights on project revenue, crew performance, equipment use, subrentals, and more.

  • Get a better overview of your costs

    With Rentman you can break down the differences between your estimated and actual costs for each project. This helps you to make more accurate estimations and quotes.

    Analytics & Reports
  • Export your data

    Export the reports you create as .xlsx or .csv file.

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Keep your team informed

Most user accounts are free in Rentman. This means that your team can work together and see information in real-time.

With the Rentman Mobile app, your team can inform themselves on essential project details, files and contacts from any location. This allows you to focus on work that matters — instead of calls and emails.

  • Add notes and assign tasks
  • Synchronize with your personal calendar
Rentman mobile app

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Increase your team’s productivity

Join the the community of over 50 000 event professionals that have improved their activities with Rentman