Crew and Transport Scheduling Tools | Rentman

Schedule and communicate in less time

Scheduling your workforce and keeping them updated can get complex. Rentman streamlines crew and vehicle scheduling by seamlessly integrating your scheduling and communication into one system.

Visual scheduling

Keep a clear view of what work is needed for an event. Track who’s available and use custom filters to find the best person for the job.

Free access for your crew

Create free user accounts for your crew to access Rentman on-the-go. They can manage their schedule, check project details and specify work availability.

Keep your team on track

With Rentman you can deliver schedules and job details to your team in a way that works best for them.

How it works

C_TS_1-Track who is available
Personal calendar management

Let your crew members manage their personal schedule, appointments, and availability with free user accounts.

Send job invites

Inviting someone is as simple as selecting a job, finding the right person(s) and sending out a request right away via email or an in-app notification.

Stay in control

Control how you want to schedule jobs. Invite multiple crew members and decide if it’s first come first serve or send batches of invites based on the quality of crew needed.

C_TS_2-Schedule interactively
Manage scheduling in one view

Easily select workers and vehicles to compare their availability with your jobs in a timeline view. By storing skills with tags and filters, you make sure to always schedule the best person for the job. 

Handle changes with ease.

Is someone off sick? Easily shift their tasks to another crew member. You can reduce or expand the duration of any job through drag-and-drop.

C_TS_3-Inform your crew
Communicate to your crew

Rentman gives you multiple options to communicate your schedule. You can select what information should be communicated and to which crew member.

Choose to let your crew access their schedule directly from the Rentman app, via a sync with their personal calendar, by email, or through print.

Real-time notifications

Whether you send out work invites, schedules or documents. Your team will stay updated in real-time on any device.

C_TS_Crew mobile app

All the tools for your crew in one mobile app

With the free Rentman app, your team and freelancers can manage schedules, respond to invitations, and see all details to complete the job from any location — saving you time from updating them manually.

  • Manage personal schedules
  • Indicate availability
  • Access job details
  • Sync Calendars
Explore crew communication with the app
C_TS_Tasks in dashboard

Stay on top of scheduling tasks and changes

In Rentman you easily keep track of projects with open planning tasks. Through notifications, planners are immediately notified when someone accepts or rejects an invitation. 

Crew & Transport scheduling features

Crew database

Keep track of your crew rates and skills, so you always schedule the best choice crew for the job.

Calendar sync

Synchronize your personal calendar with Rentman, so you can have everything in your preferred view.

Vehicle management

By entering the daily costs and load capacity for your vehicles, you can always plan the best vehicle for each job.

Streamline communication, schedule more efficiently

Start scheduling with more visibility and control