Work with us

At Rentman we’re on a mission to make work for event service providers easier and more productive.
Our diverse team works hard to create a solution that our customers love. And we'd like your help.

Our customers realize events all over the world – from concerts and conferences, to international tours. Previously they had to work with disordered spreadsheets and many different tools to realize a project from start to finish. We bring activities and communication together into one simple but powerful platform – so teams can concentrate on realizing better events, not repetitive tasks.

While we are a fast growing scale-up company, we're still relatively small compared to the opportunity ahead. That’s why we’re building a strong and diverse team where each individual contribution matters. At Rentman, we promote a healthy and pleasant work environment to create a place where everybody can work at their best.

Our values

"Fun when we can, serious when we must"

Sky's the limit

Innovation is key. Rentman was born from the belief that "if the ideal solution doesn't exist; build it", and we continuously look for ways to improve, whether at a product level or internally.

Come as you are

We believe it takes people with different ideas, strengths, interests, and backgrounds to make a company grow. We encourage healthy debate and differences of opinion.

Own it

Do what you believe is right and own it fully. Taking initiatives and holding ourselves accountable is central to our work ethics.

Say it like it is

Rentman supports a trust-fueled environment where we are honest, open and fair. People rely on us to keep and stick to our word, and we proudly do so.

Healthy work/life balance

While we hustle hard while we're at work, we also want you to have room for family, friends, and, of course, for yourself. Happier you, happier us.


We’re in it for the long haul. We invest in relationships, supporting both customers and our coworkers – so they want to stick around.

Employee Spotlight

Since 2019, Algirdas develops the software and guides other developers how to deal with difficult challenges.

"Next to some services, based on standard PHP frameworks, we also have our own backend implementation, which is mostly our own, proprietary framework. This implementation sometimes produces problems you wouldn't face while using a standard framework, but also gives incredible flexibility, which we need to solve the challenges we face in this complex product. And that makes it so cool! We sometimes face difficult, challenging and tricky situations, but it’s never boring!”

His advice: take ownership for your solution and responsibility as a team. This allows people to be comfortable in making decisions. Every hick-up you make is a possibility for you and your team to learn.

Algirdas Backend Developer

After working as a Product Owner in Russia, Eva joined Rentman in 2021. She is one who explores the market, features and value to decide on the next step to take with the software. “I’m also the one annoying colleagues and customers with my never ending questions.”

“How do you figure out where to go if you don’t bump into walls a couple of times? You will have successes and failures, but that is how you learn. You can not figure out everything from the first moment on. Things change; be fine with it and adapt to it. Ask questions and be open to change everyday, then you will explore new stuff and grow!”

Eva Product Owner

After a year of helping our customers in Support, Adriana became a Customer Success Manager to help our German speaking customers. Building relationships is what she does best.

“I help customers to get the most out of the software, take care of them and try to figure out what they need before they even know what they need. By having these relationships with our customers, there is trust and they feel comfortable sharing issues. We use that feedback to improve the software. Everyone in the team has their own style of building relationships but we all have the same goal: make the customer successful and use Rentman to its full scope to make their lives easier.”

Adriana Customer Success Manager

Tim and Rentman go way back, as he was one of the first six people working at Rentman. Tim joined as an intern in 2015 and felt so at home he never left. As hard work doesn’t go unrecognized, he is now in charge of the North-American market and the team in Toronto.

“A lot of my career path comes down to luck, curiosity, wanting to try new things and adaptability. When the opportunity arose to explore the North-American market for Rentman, I didn’t know what to expect but took the leap. The first few years I worked on that market mostly alone, doing whatever was needed for sales, support and marketing. You work to earn trust and when you have that, you have a lot of freedom to try new things. With a good amount of curiosity and a trust-first approach, you can really achieve a lot here.”

Tim North America Team Lead

Perks & Benefits

Awesome colleagues and...

Central office

When it comes to location, we hit the jackpot. Our cozy and bright office is just a walk away from the picturesque Dom tower!

Free lunch

Get treated to free lunch consisting of freshly delivered local, diverse and nutritious food. No one goes hungry (or thirsty) at Rentman.

Rentman cafe

Enjoy our fully equipped kitchen, tap a cold one from our beer tap, get work done from the couch, the Rentman cafe is your playground.

Training budget

Individual growth benefits everyone. Want to enrich your skill set or learn a new one? Make the best of our yearly training budget.

Flexible & remote working

To each their own, it doesn’t have to be a 9 to 5. In addition, work from the beach or your mom’s garden with 20 days of remote work.

Team activities

We like to keep things fun: play some FIFA or ping pong, join the office football team or dance the night away at the bi-annual Rentman party.