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Мы усердно работаем над улучшением Rentman каждый день. Узнать больше о наших последних обновлениях.


Containers — View, book, and track the contents of your transport cases


Introducing Containers, the smart way for your warehouse crew to view, book and track the contents of your transport cases.

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Crew Planner improvements - Schedule your crew faster and more efficiently


Here is a recap of the improvements we’ve made and the latest features that we’ve introduced to Rentman’s Crew Planner.

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PU - Multiple equipment location

Managing Multiple Equipment Locations


Discover how to use Multiple Equipment Locations to manage availabilities, repairs, lost items, and shortages for all of your stock locations in Rentman.

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PU-Default equipment groups

Set up default equipment groups to speed up your equipment planning


Speed up your equipment planning with the new Default equipment groups field when editing your equipment.

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PU-Import & match equipment within a project-Beamer-website

Import your equipment lists to Rentman projects


Import equipment lists to your projects in Rentman to save hours of manual work and reduce human errors.

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Copy & paste crew and transport functions


You can now copy & paste crew and transport functions within the same and between different Rentman projects.

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Book equipment with the Rentman App

Warehouse Improvements - Quicker and more efficient equipment booking


Equipment booking is now quicker and easier! Read more about the latest improvements and features that we’ve introduced to the warehouse module.

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Hiding financial information

Managing access to financial details


Manage user permissions to control who has access to financial information. Control which users get to see your rental prices, margins, and crew prices.

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History log of project changes

A History Log of project changes


The History Log allows you to track changes made to projects so you can intervene when you spot mistakes. With this new feature, you can stay in the loop by tracking all project changes in one place!

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