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Обновления продукта

Мы усердно работаем над улучшением Rentman каждый день. Узнать больше о наших последних обновлениях.


Automatically send signed documents to signee

You can now choose to automatically send signed documents to the signee.

Set up headers and footers for your documents

You are now able to set up headers and footers for your documents.

Customize your default file names and email subjects

You can now edit the default subject line of your emails and the file name of your documents. 

Multiple currencies for your financial documents

You’re now able to display different currencies on your financial documents. Determine your own conversion rate for each document and all the prices will be converted accordingly.

More insights into our planning with the public roadmap

We would like to introduce you to our public roadmap. A place where you get to look ahead on what is coming, but more importantly: where you can contribute to the development of Rentman yourself.

Version 175

  • Edit extra input fields in bulk
  • Sort equipment resources by column 
  • Auto-matching columns when importing

Multiple number series

We added the option to use multiple number series within Rentman. This makes it easier to, for example, keep track of documents for different brands under the same company or to distinguish between rental and sales invoices. 

Version 172

  • Multiple number series for financial documents
  • Set the amount of decimals
  • Hide ‘zero’ values

Analyze planned/worked hours and their associated costs in one overview

We added a new tab to the time registration page that shows the activities of your crew members in one overview.