Rentman's plans explained

Unlock new possibilities

Upgrade your Rentman plan to unlock the latest features and functionalities.

New plans

Fair, flexible and scalable

At Rentman, we always put the user first and are continuously working to improve our products. We develop quickly and constantly add new features to those products.

As a result, we offer a leading rental management solution that covers every detail of your equipment planning and tracking, crew scheduling, warehouse management and business operations.

3 premium products

These essential parts of our rental management software have grown into 3 premium products with extensive features and functionalities.

Equipment management

Get a 360° overview of your inventory and identify issues ahead of time.

Crew scheduling

Get availabilities, build schedules and communicate with your crew.

Rental management suite

The complete package to manage your equipment and crew.
New plans explained

Endless possibilities for every user

Every Rentman user is different. Some people use Rentman to book their equipment, some use Rentman to manage their crew, some use Rentman to send quotes, and the list goes on…

Our plans allow all users (whether they streamline a full-scope rental management process, reserve equipment or schedule their crew with Rentman) to do their work in the most efficient way with access to extensive features for their specific needs.

Why should you upgrade your plan?

  • Get more value for your money

    Customize your Rentman workspace with the products, functionalities, and features that are relevant to your business and get more value for your money.

  • Get access to the latest features

    Always have access to the latest features that will help you save time and work more efficiently.

  • Scalable to your business needs

    Is your business growing? Then Rentman grows with you. You can add extra features or products to your plan at any time.

Only pay for what you need (2)

Only pay for what you need


Since many of our users do not use Rentman in the same way, we believed that it was only fair to give you the option to only pay for the products and features you need.

With our plans, you can customize your Rentman workspace with the products, functionalities, and features that are relevant to your business and get more value for your money.

How to build your own plan

  • Choose your products

    The two main products that you can add to your workspace are: Crew Scheduling and Equipment Scheduling. They can be purchased individually, or together, if you want to use our Rental Management suite.

  • Select your tiers

    Each product is available in different tiers (Essentials, Standard and Pro) with access to different features.

  • Choose your add-ons

    You can customize the products that you choose with add-ons such as Quoting & Invoicing, and Equipment Tracking.

    Log in to your Rentman account to start building

Ready to unlock Rentman's latest features?

Last year you said next year.

Frequently Asked Questions


  • Will I lose my data if I upgrade to a new plan?

No. You will keep having access to all the features and processes that you love from your Legacy plan.


  • Can I upgrade my plan on my own?

Yes! You can upgrade your plan by following the steps in the video listed above, it only takes a few minutes.


  • I'm not sure if I will use all the new features

By upgrading your plan, you only pay for the products you need. For example, if you don't plan to manage your crew members with Rentman. You can choose to only sign up for an account with our Equipment Management product.


  • Where can I find a complete list of all pricing and features available on Rentman's plans?

A complete summary of the pricing of Rentman's plans and features that are included in each product and add-on can be found on our pricing page.


  • Is it mandatory for me to upgrade my plan?

Don't want to upgrade your plan? No worries, you can continue using Rentman as you're used to. 

Your Rentman workspace will be fully maintained as usual. You can expect us to continue improving and updating the existing features you have access to. 

However, the latest features and functionalities will not be available with your Legacy plan. To get access to these features that will help you save time and give you more control of your workflows, you will need to upgrade your plan.


  • Can I adjust the prices of specific power users?

For every power user, you pay the same price, regardless of what that power user needs access to in the software.