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Save 30 to 40 minutes per quote

Calculate overtime and automate your labor calculations.

Make your warehouse processes faster

Book a combination of items packaged together with one scan.

Build stronger relationships

Give your customers the option to pay in installments.

How to upgrade your plan

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  • 1. Log in

    Log in to your Rentman workspace.

  • 2. Choose your plan

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Ready to unlock Rentman's latest features?

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Upgrade your plan to get access to these exclusive features

Everything you love about your Legacy plan and more!

Equipment schedulingEquipment trackingCrew schedulingQuoting and invoicing
Import equipment lists
from CAD software 

Manage multiple warehouses & stock locations 

Calculate overtime and automate your labor calculations 

Give your customers the option to pay in installments 

Keep track of changes
made by your colleagues 
View, book, and track the contents of your transport cases 

Plan from multiple screens 

Manage access to financial details 

Download equipment documents for ATA Carnets 

Tell subrentals apart from your own equipment 

Keep track of changes made by your colleagues 

Automatically update payment statuses with accounting software 

Smart planning suggestions  Coming up:
RFID tracking

Coming up:
Schedule crew members in one click

Coming up:
Schedule invoices


Read more about the latest features coming to these plans on our Public Roadmap.

New plans

Fair, flexible and scalable

Upgrade your Rentman plan to customize your workspace with the products, functionalities, and features that are relevant to your business. This means you only pay for what you need and get more value for your money.

Is your business growing? Then Rentman grows with you. You can add extra features or products to your plan at any time.

Frequently Asked Questions


  • Will I lose my data if I upgrade my plan?

No. You will keep having access to all the features and processes that you love from your Legacy plan.


  • Can I upgrade my plan on my own?

Yes! You can upgrade your plan by following the steps in the video listed above, it only takes a few minutes.


  • I'm not sure if I will use all the new features

By upgrading your plan, you only pay for the products you need. For example, if you don't plan to manage your crew members with Rentman. You can choose to only sign up for a plan with our Equipment Management product.


  • Where can I find a complete list of all pricing and features available on Rentman's plans?

A complete summary of the pricing of Rentman's plans and features that are included in each product and add-on can be found on our pricing page.


  • Is it mandatory for me to upgrade my plan?

Don't want to upgrade your plan? No worries, you can continue using Rentman as you're used to. 

Your Rentman workspace will be fully maintained as usual. You can expect us to continue improving and updating the existing features you have access to. 

However, the latest features and functionalities will not be available with your Legacy plan. To get access to these features that will help you save time and give you more control of your workflows, you will need to upgrade your plan.


  • Can I adjust the prices of specific power users?

For every power user, you pay the same price, regardless of what that power user needs access to in the software.