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Utrecht, Netherlands
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Founded and managed by developers, Rentman puts technology first. Our engineers are given all the tools needed to get the job done. We focus on one product and believe in long-term solutions instead of temporary workarounds.

Our interdisciplinary team of developers work agile on various bigger and smaller challenging projects. Our workflow is developer-first, aiming to get things built as efficiently as possible. To keep yawns at bay, we keep admin tasks to a minimum and create tools to eradicate boring and repetitive jobs.

Rentman is a leading software provider for professionals in the event industry. Working under the same roof in the heart of Utrecht (NL), our international team aims to make the lives of event rental companies across the globe as easy as can be.

We aspire to make our everyday hustle a growing opportunity, and our workplace exciting to work at. Visit our careers page to learn more about what we stand for.



We come from a traditional monolithic PHP background. We have spend a fair amount of effort on decoupling our services and building the leanest and fastest data gateway we could think of. Along the way we embraced microservices, a serverless architecture (AWS Lambda & Fargate) for some of our services, came up with our own query language and designed a modern build- and deployment process that fits our organisation.

Tech Stack

  • modern OO PHP 7 framework

  • MySQL 8

  • websockets (NodeJS and SocketIO) to sync data between clients

  • AWS services are the backbone of our stack (ECS, Fargate, RDS, SQS, S3, Lambda). We design for high-availability and we deploy our services in multiple regions. We utilize docker containers a lot and have a CI/CD pipeline for most of the microservices we deploy.

  • SPA build upon AngularJS, written in Typescript. 

  • our long term vision is to fully migrate to Angular. Characteristic for our frontend is that it has an advanced caching layer that is kept in sync between clients through websocket triggers.

  • SCSS using BEM methodology

  • compilation and bundling done by Webpack

  • we work based on "Continuous integration" so our systems can be separately run on different versions

What you will work on

  • our user base and organisation is growing rapidly and so needs our infrastructure. We overcame technical challenges on the field of backing up terabytes of data per hours, moving accounts over different pods, provide tools for our internal support, move to a global scale and many more. You will help us refactoring the internal tools and embrace new low-level techniques to support further growth

  • historically our data used to live in dedicated silos per customer. We’re moving user profiles to the global space and utilize API’s between the silo’s to help our customers collaborate more effectively. You will work on matching data and connecting our customers

  • relational database model design 

  • check out our public roadmap to get an idea of features planned for development

We offer

  • full time position (32 hours is negotiable)
  • competitive salary
  • 25 days of annual leave
  • room for personal development within a fast-growing company
  • flexible working hours
  • laptop, ergonomic workstations with sit/stand desks, multiple screens and whatever you need to do your job
  • voluntary pension
  • paid travel expenses
  • bright and modern office in the heart of Utrecht
  • free lunch, fully stocked kitchen and even our own beer tap
  • bi-annual company events and spontaneous get-togethers
  • Ping-Pong and Xbox in the office
Job openings
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