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Inventory management

Easily track equipment availability and solve shortages

Nothing is more essential to your rental business than inventory and equipment management. Rentman’s inventory management feature provides you with an instant overview of what’s available and where to find it. It’s fully integrated with the project planner screen, so you instantly see what’s available without having to switch screens.

Check availabilities and resolve shortages

The main equipment management screen makes it easy to group your items into sets or other combinations and quickly add them to your projects. Equipment availability is automatically visualized in a timeline, giving insight into the current status and where shortages may need to be resolved.

Keep track of availability and maintenance

Our cloud rental software will automatically inform you when an item is due for maintenance or what is currently being serviced. It also helps you to keep track of what items are making or costing you money.

Create sets and cases

Rentman is flexible enough to easily handle a large variety of sets and cases and powerful enough to keep track of individual items. The rental software also allows you to distinguish between rental items and sales items and provides the option of creating sales projects right inside the system.

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