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File management

Store, share and manage everything online

With each job requiring riders, manuals, WYSIWYG drawings, maps, images and more, keeping track of it all can get complicated. Because each job in Rentman starts in the project planner screen, you can be sure that all the documents you need for a job will be in one place.

Share and collaborate

The online rental software allows documents to be viewed from anywhere by anyone on any device, but also offers settings that limit access to select team members. Documents can be added not just to projects, but to inventory items, employees or vehicles. Give your freelancers everything they need to know to get a job started fast.

Daily back-ups and safe storage

All documents are backed up daily and stored safely at multiple locations in a secure data center. That way, you can be sure your data stays safe, even if your laptop, PC or smartphone decides to stop working.

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