Switching to the new Rentman 4G

We advise everyone working with Rentman in your company to have a look at Rentman 4G and test it first. This allows you to estimate the time you will need to get familiar with Rentman 4G.


Daily processes

The general process of creating projects and planning equipment in Rentman 4G stays the same. As the interface of Rentman 4G has been renewed and refined, we recommend checking the system first and going through your usual processes and daily activities.

Rentman 3 has been in development for a long time and is working great with all the functionalities that you know and frequently use. Not all of the thousands of (smaller) functionalities are available in Rentman 4G yet. Make sure to sufficient test Rentman 4G in advance to see if you miss any functionalities that are essential for you.



A couple of major functionalities will be added within the next weeks. We are currently working on the export and import functionalities, these are expected to be online in February. We are currently also working on planning e-mails and push messages in the Rentman App to communicate the crew planning to your crew members. These should be online at the beginning of February.

Two major modules will also be added soon, the sub-hire module will be available before the end of February and the statistics module is planned for the spring.



With Rentman 4G we are also introducing adjusted pricing packages. You can find an overview here.

Please note that the Lite and Classic option are not available yet. Right now you can only switch to Rentman 4G by starting with the Pro option. As your contract states the price of Rentman 3 we need your written confirmation in which you agree with the new pricing before we can switch you to Rentman 4G.


Development / Bugs

We are continuously improving Rentman 4G. It is possible that you encounter bugs in the new version. If so, please let us know and we will solve them as quickly as possible. Help us by explaining what you did and what went wrong. You can always send your feedback to [email protected]



When copying your database from Rentman 3 to Rentman 4G we also copy all of your templates. Make sure to check your customized templates in Rentman 4G again. There are some new or changed variables and some new functionalities. This means you might have to correct/change some things in your templates. If you need any help with that you can always ask us for tips or help.



Since Google Chrome is the most commonly used browser Rentman 4G was optimized and tested for Chrome. This is also the browser that shows the best performance when using Rentman 4G, therefore we strongly recommend using Google Chrome for now. In the future, we will also work on making Safari, Firefox, and Microsoft Edge work.



A few weeks ago we launched an update to the Rentman app. Make sure that you download the newest version of the app so that you can use it together with Rentman 4G.
Depending on which version of Rentman you are using, the App will have a slightly different user interface. This means the moment you switch to Rentman 4G, the app switches to Rentman 4G as well and from that point on you can use the App with your Rentman 4G account. The app for Rentman 4G currently doesn’t support the function to scan QR codes with your camera. This will be added soon.


Migrating to the new system

Once you decide to switch to Rentman 4G, please let us know. We will help you with the migration and the activation of your new account. By copying your current database to Rentman 4G, we will also make sure that your new Rentman 4G account will represent the current status and all your information is up-to-date.

NOTE: If you switch to Rentman 4G you cannot switch back to Rentman 3. Make sure to have checked and tested everything before switching over to Rentman 4G.

Are there any questions that we didn’t answer in this article? Don’t hesitate to contact us at [email protected]. We are happy to help!

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