Statistics now Part of Rentman

One of the essential parts of running a successful rental business is being able to track your performance. With the Statistics module, you can now get started using your company data to make better decisions.


Track what is happening in your company

With many projects planned and rental jobs that can change at any minute, it’s sometimes hard to keep an overview of how your rentals are performing. With statistics, you can now have a better view of your company's performance.



Take calculated decisions

View your past and future revenue streams and determine if, for example, you should focus more on particular customers or job acquisitions. Statistics can be applied to all assets of your business, from rental jobs to equipment and crew stats. This allows you to compare and base your decisions on historical data. Here are some examples where your Rentman data can be useful:  

  • Would it be more profitable to sell your least rented equipment?
  • What crew members or freelancers work most often for you and should you prioritize planning them? 
  • Do you have certain customers for which your margins have been too tight?

We have designed the module in a way that you can see and combine the metrics related to all your Rentman activities. Let’s say you subhire (subrent) a lot of equipment - you would probably want to know if purchasing certain items might be more profitable in the long term. Having a view that displays the frequency and costs per subhired item can be the starting point for better judgment on this point.


Determine where to reduce costs

The right view can also tell you what items might be too costly to keep in your own stock. Rentman’s statistics can show you exactly where the most costs are made within your project.

This way it can point you where to better manage your costs throughout the project. For instance, do you frequently have a gap between your estimated and actual costs? Statistics help you uncover this and charge the right price to your clients.


Customize views and adjust the level of detail

If you have been waiting for statistics, then there is probably a list of things you want to have insight into. We have already added preset statistics that cover the basic insights for any rental company.

We understand that every rental business is different. That’s why Statistics in Rentman can be customized and adapted with data views that support your activities. All your custom statistics views can be saved, so you can easily access them at a later stage and keep a close eye on the progress.


How to get started

Adding new statistics is easy - we have created this support article with a short video to help you get started. The article covers different statistic types and shows possible applications for your business.

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